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Vienna, Austria
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Resident doctor for anesthesiology

ID 0300315

The position is available in Vienna Austria, a landlocked country situated in Central Europe with a rough population of 8.47 million. Austria has borders with the Czech Republic and Germany in the north, Hungary and Slovakia in the east, Slovenia and Italy in the south and Switzerland and Lichtenstein to the West.


Austria is the 12th richest country in the world in terms of GDP per capita and has a well-developed social market economy and a high standard of living. Austrian health policy follows the principle of ensuring equal access to high-quality care for all, irrespective of income, age and gender. Austria's health care system was given 9th place by the World Health Organization (WHO) in their mid-00s international ranking. The level of investment in health-care infrastructure is high by international standards. Also, compared to other OECD countries, the Austrian population enjoys above-average access to major medical-technical equipment.

The hospital in which the position is available is situated Austria’s capital city Vienna.  Vienna is Austria's primary city, with a population of about 1.794 million and its cultural, economic, and political center. It is the 7th-largest city by population within city limits in the European Union. Apart from being regarded as the City of Music because of its musical legacy, Vienna is also said to be "The City of Dreams" because it was home to the world's first psycho-analyst – Sigmund Freud

The hospital is currently looking for a resident doctor with experience in anesthesiology; the hospital provides excellent learning facilities and professional development possibilities.

The form of work required is full time, with a working week from Monday to Friday. For the balance between personal and professional life you benefit of 5 weeks of leave/year.

Ideal candidate:

  • Human medicine doctor, resident doctor with at least three years of experience in anesthesiology
  • Graduate from a Medical School within the European Union + Norway, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Iceland.
  • Required German language level:  B2 level.
  • Should be team oriented and open for teamwork
  • Conceptual and analytical thinking and way of working
  • Enjoys personal contact with patients
  • Has good team-work and communication skills

Benefits if you choose to collaborate with EGV

  • We will offer advice when it comes to signing the contract
  • We will help you find a home, school and kindergarten for you and your children
  • We will help you obtain the License to Practice, so you can start work as soon as possible

EGV is a leading healthcare recruitment agency operating in Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Latvia. We are specialized in tailor made and efficient physician recruitment services.

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For more info please contact Ms. Kinga Buda:

Tel: 0259 211 121


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